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The Removal Tool - SpyHunter 4 by Enigma Software is an anti-malware utility certified by West Coast Labs Checkmark Certification System. Enigma Software was noticed by various respectable media sources such as USA Today,, PC World and Our multiple tests have proved that SpyHunter 4 has one of the supreme detection and removal ranks for Browser Hijacking Malware.

  • Information
      The belongs to the browser hijacker family. Generally, most of the search engines are genuine and not harmful, but browser hijackers are mostly aimed at generating advertising revenues. The objective of the malicious code is to make users to click on displayed ads so its owner earns a fee for every click. On the web you can find various reports that the changes browser configurations, installs a toolbar without user’s permission and prevents easy removal from the system. It’s all part of the plan to secure the advertising earnings for the search engine.

  • Recommended Solution
      To quickly and easily remove the, please download and install the Removal Tool. This anti-virus software has been concretely developed to scan your computer, detect and remove any unwanted browsers extensions and it is optimized to secure Windows operating systems from any undesired browser configurations modifications.

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Removal Tool Information

  • File name: SpyHunter 4
  • Tool's Developer: Enigma Software
  • Tool Certified by: West Coast Labs
  • Download Size: (9.6mb)
  • Rating: Excellent!
  • Downloaded: 7 130 469 times

Company Press Mentions

Usa Today
"To truly stay safe while surfing the Internet you need to do your homework and be ready to give up convenience. There are numerous consumer tools designed to assess the goodness of the Web page you are about to click to, and tell you whether it’s safe. ScanSafe and Enigma have consumer web scanning tools and services worth checking out."
"We love catching bad guys," said Alvin Estevez, CEO of Enigma Software Group, which is one of many companies trying to crack Conficker. "We're like former hackers who like to catch other hackers. To us, we get almost a feather in our cap to be able to knock out that worm. We slap each other five when we're killing those infections"
PC World
"Good news from the security frontline: The phenomenon of rogue anti-malware "scareware" really does appear to be on the wane, at least according to figures from security company Enigma Software. The U.S.-based company's statistics culled from scans and customer support reports showed a dramatic 60 percent drop in new detections this summer, with a particularly marked fall between June and July...".
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